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Reading Program

Sign up for a free trial class using basic information like your name and email address then choose a time that's just right for you! You will be sent an email containing a zoom link where your student's class will be held.

Trial Class process

During the free trial class, the reader is assessed with testing material that will use responses to gauge and identify the student's reading skill level. 

Start Reading

Start an exciting reading program that uses strategies very specific to the learners needs. Activities are designed to teach reading skills that promote literacy development.  


About the program

Allow our teachers to assist you with your homeschool curriculum. We can assist you with implementing reading and math literacy, social studies, science and STEM instruction. You can collaborate with us and we can provide your student instruction based on their specific need. Some of the popular online programs we use are Khan Academy and The Free Reading program. Classes are offered in 25 min intervals. 

Math Notebook and Calculator


Find a quiet, comfortable environment with great lighting and get ready for learning. Make sure your connection is stable, equipment is functioning, and you're ready to give your undivided attention.

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